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Refer a Friend and Save.


Refer a Friend and Save!

Refer a friend or teammate and save on your membership! Save $25 to $50 on referrals.

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OnCore Mission Statement

At OnCore Sports, you’ll be training like a pro in our revolutionary sport-specific training facility. Our custom-designed training model enables athletes to further develop skills in their chosen sport. Every athlete will thrive under the guided instruction of our professional trainers.

OnCore Sports is the premier athlete training facility to complement club teams, town recreational leagues, and high school programs with customized workouts. Athletes who train at OnCore will be in optimum shape, perform at consistently higher levels athletically, and will continually hone the skills in their chosen sport.

Our dynamic and unique concept enables athletes of all ages to vastly improve their talent level at any age.

We offer group sport-specific training which empowers you to realize all you can be as an athlete. Stop dreaming and start on your journey to a renewed sense of drive that we can achieve together.

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Our Training Program

Sample Athletic Workout

(60 minutes per session)

*Improved Athleticism*

- Running Mechanics

- Agility Training

- Speed Development

*Develop Body Control*

- Balance and Flexibility

- Core Strength

- Lower and Upper Body Strength

*Strengthen Mental Ability*

- Confidence

- Concentration

- Discipline

All athletic goals will be set at your own pace and our staff will work with you individually in order to ensure that you reach them.


The address is 4426 North Saginaw Midland, MI 48640.

Schedule Today

Let’s get started! Call us at 989 486 1482 or email at

Thank you,

OnCore Sports




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