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Questions about Strength Training



What is a strength training program?



A strength training program is a series of exercises that increases strength, core strength, speed, endurance, and overall lean muscle. You can use a variety of tools, equipment, and proper workouts to increase sport performance. Translation: This helps you hit the baseball farther, hit an overhead tennis shot harder, and see improvements in any sport performance.



Does strength training work for young athletes?


A youth strength training program has many benefits 

• Reduced risk for injury.

• Improved sport performance.

• Improved self-image and self-confidence.

• Improved strength and coordination.                                

• Increased muscle endurance.                                          

• Increased bone strength/bone density.

• Improved health.


Proper training helps to improve motor control and strength by “teaching” muscles how to work together in a coordinated manner. It is an ideal time for young athletes to hard-wire their body for strength gains and movement patterns. Fit Kids Are Healthier and Happier, research suggests kids who are stronger and more conditioned perform better in school and are less likely to engage in unhealthy activities.


Strength training safe for young athletes?


The risk of injury is probably the primary concern of any coach or parent who has a child beginning a strength training program. Any activity carries with it some risk of injury – even a child running in the backyard can suffer an injury. The key is proper supervision, guidance, safe environment, and instruction from professionals. As in many sports, accidents can happen if children do not follow established training guidelines.



How many times a week should my athlete train?


There are benefits to workouts on a limited schedule. I have athletes who only strength train once or twice per week, and they still see some significant results in strength. Full-body functional strength training can be super effective once or twice a week. The athletes who train more than twice a week increase gains and movements faster. Also the body adapts better to the workload and is less of a shock to the system (less soreness)


Will my athlete lose strength from taking a break?


The amount of strength loss depends on

• Length of Training Time

• Training Level

• Your age

• Diet                                                          

• Genetics                                                   

• Rest Patterns


If strength training is a part of the overall fitness training program, it is important to make it consistent (CREATE A LIFESYTLE) – when strength training is stopped, a loss of strength and the strength associated benefits will occur. For example, a beginner who’s been weight training for 8 weeks, will lose strength faster than someone who’s been weight training for 8 years. It also depends on how well you take care of yourself when you take a break.

How do I get bigger?


The goal is not to bulk up. It's about putting on proper lean muscle for your specific sport. Our workouts are designed to increase gains in speed, strength, power, hip mobility, and agilities to help you perform on the court or field. Being CONISTENT with your workout routine and diet help developed lean muscle overtime.


Will my daughter get that bulk up look?


There’s no reason that men and women can’t complete the same types of exercises. Thanks to hormones, estrogen, testosterone, genetic, and dietary differences, those two people will end up with drastically different results. Our workouts are design to improve weakness and increase strengths in speed, hip mobility, core, power, agility. Not to bulk up.


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