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​Anthony Gallas













Triple A for the Cleveland Indians

Undrafted Free Agent


My name is Anthony Gallas and I currently play for the Carolina Mudcats, the high A team for the Cleveland Indians. The hardest part of making through minor league full season is staying healthy and maintaining athleticism. Zac Johnston successfully created a program for me that met both of those tasks. We worked together for 8 weeks, after those 8 weeks I felt more athletic and baseball ready than I have ever have been before. Zac has a great sense of what each athlete needs to develop and become a better baseball /basketball /football player. His hands on approach made me feel more comfortable and made me excel each day to better my potential. I train with Zac Johnston every off season and I will continue to because he has a great sense of what an athelete needs. As an exceptional athlete, Zac knows what it takes to be an unmatched competitor and has a great knowledge of the game.

Anthony Gallas

OnCore Sports Anthony Gallas
Luke Anderson
OnCore Sports Athlete Luke Anderson

Mount Vernon Nazarene University


My name is Luke Anderson and I just graduated from high school. I'm going to play baseball at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. After summer ball this year I needed to make sure I stayed in shape for a month before heading off to college. Zac helped me become more explosive in my legs which was my goal. I feel like I'm ready to take on college ball now because he pushed me and made the workouts intense. I will deffinetly be back next summer to workout with him again.

Luke Anderson

Cory Vaughn













Triple A for the New York Mets

4th Round Pick 2010


I have participated in Zac's training and it's nothing but first class. I've know Zac for a long time, he brings great engery, and passion to each one of his workouts. If your looking to improve and get to the next level, Zac is your guy!! I wish him the best.

Cory Vaughn

OnCore Sports Cory Vaughn
Jeff Kinley

Triple A for the Miami Marlins 


My name is Jeff Kinley and I currently play in the Miami Marlins organization. Zac is very intelligent when it comes to movements, speed, and agility. His workouts have what it takes to increase strength and to give you an edge over other athletes. I've been working out with Zac for about 3 months now and I am in the best shape of my life. Zac knows exactly what it takes to become a top tier athlete.

Jeff Kinley

Peter Tago













Double AA for the Chicago White Sox

1st Round 47th Overall, Colorado Rockies

OnCore Sports Peter Tago
Brady Volmering
OnCore Sports Athlete Luke Anderson

Cornerstone University


My name is Brady Volmering. After deciding to transfer from my previous school to Cornerstone University, I had several months time to prepare on my own and get ready for the season. After a little pushing I agreed to train with Zac during that time in an attempt to get faster and more explosive. I can say with 100% satisfaction that Zac's training taught me new important concepts and prepared me for this college season. I feel faster and lighter than ever and I would recommend anyone looking for that edge to head over to OnCore and check out what he has to offer.

Brady Volmering

Penn State Baseball
OnCore Sports Athletes Penn State Baseball

Matt Paradise - Infield

Cody Lewis - Pitcher

Gaston Escudero - Infield

Obie, Trucks , Kinley, Patty
Obie Ricumstrict 11th Rounder Texas Rang
Nathan Ball,
Brody Krzysiak
Brody and Ball photo after the speed and
Brandon Realmuto
OnCore Sports Brandon Realmuto

My name is Brandon Realmuto, I am 23 years old and I work as a teacher / paramedic. In 2011, I went to Mr. Johnston's facility in Southern California to train and become a better water polo player. I had successfully made a travel team and played in Hungry, Slovakia and Croatia. Physically, I was at the top of my game and felt like I had peaked. That was until I met Zac Johnston. He changed my life the moment we started training. Not only was his out-going and positive demeanor contagious but up lifting. I lost 70lbs total, and gained 20lbs in muscle. Not only did I play better but I physically I felt healthier. He motivated me, encouraged me and even when I felt like I couldn't go further, he pushed me farther, farther then I've athletically gone before. When water polo was over for me, I still trained aesthetically, in which, I became a model for FORD modeling agency. Zac changed my life. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma a rare bone cancer that halted my training abruptly. On May 17th, 2015 I became cancer free. I utilized Zac's techniques and training regiments, with limitations, to keep my body healthy and cancer at bay. I owe my life to Mr. Johnston. He is a true friend and mentor, and I am truly honored and grateful for having him in my life.

Brandon Realmuto

Patrick Marshall
OnCore Sports Pat Marshall

Owner - Vindicated Fitness

Orange County, Califorina

Former US Marine

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